MGA / Coverholder / Program Business Support

Inscap Solutions

Many larger brokers and underwriting agencies operate as virtual insurance companies, performing the everyday administrative, underwriting, claims and customer service functions of an insurer, only without having their own balance sheet or capital at risk.

Such an agency may at some point wish to participate more in the long term profits of the business it generates, or simply have more flexibility in structuring products and setting rates so as to take advantage of market opportunities more quickly. In this case, Inscap may be able to structure agreements with reinsurers and fronting companies which give the agency more autonomy and more of a financial stake in the business.

Our consulting activities and advisory support in this area includes:

  • Underwriting and performance monitoring of programs on behalf of risk carriers
  • Start-up support for underwriters looking to establish themselves as coverholders or MGA
  • MGA business planning
  • MGA/coverholder capacity via insurance and reinsurance partnerships

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