Inscap Solutions

We offer the complete value proposition covering Risk Analysis, Reinsurance Optimization, Broking and Support. We do have excellent trading relations with key underwriters in the relevant classes of business, in Continental Europe as well as Overseas. We offer you, if needed, access to Lloyds and London markets as well.

Treaty P&C Reinsurance, pro-rata and non-proportional

Coverage examples:

  • Property (per Risk and Cat),
  • Agriculture/ Livestock,
  • Credit&Bond,
  • Personal Accident (Per Person and Cat),
  • Motor (TPL and PD),
  • GTPL, E&O, D&O, etc.
  • Transport/Marine: Cargo, Hull, Yachts,
  • Retro

Customised Products and Advanced Solutions:

  • Loss Portfolio Transfer,
  • MGA insurance and reinsurance capacity
  • SurplusRelief Products,
  • Multi Year and Multi Class Covers,
  • Yield enhancement covers placed with hedge-fund-reinsurers

Facultative Reinsurance, pro-rata and non-proportional

Coverage examples:

  • Conventional Primary
  • Buy backs or Buy downs
  • Carve outs
  • Loaded Reinstatements (up front discounted premium)
  • Special risks like Terror, Cyber or K&R
  • Single Peril ( i.e. Cat Peril) / Single Territory ( on Multinational)
  • Spot Location (High Value, Non- HPR)

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